Vitamin B as Mosquito Repellent

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Does vitamin B work to prevent mosquito bites?

Vitamin B as Mosquito Repellent

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the role of Vitamin B in mosquito avoidance. Taking large quantities of vitamin B unfortunately does not decrease the number of mosquito bites you get. Such an apparently simple solution to mosquito avoidance is appealing, but careful scientific trials have failed to show any mosquito repelling effects as a result of taking oral vitamin B, including B1.

*There is some evidence that the use of B1 will make any bites feel less itchy, but it does not reduce the risk of diseases spread by biting mosquitoes.



7/5/2006 8:12:49 AM
SB said:

I know for a fact that taking alot of B1 about 30-60 minutes before I go outside greatly reduces my mosquito bites. I can be allergic to these bites and if I don't take B1 or use another repellent I could end up with tons of large bites. When I use B1, I may end up with 1 or 2 at the most. I have been using this for years and it always works. I do have to continually take it while I'm out so I continue to keep it in me.

7/26/2006 1:23:04 PM
Laura said:

Every summer in the past I had been bitten to death by mosquitos until I started taking a B-Complex vitamin everyday. This summer- NOT ONE BITE and I even moved from the city to country where I kill them on a nightly basis. I should be eaten alive... but instead they stay away. I know this report claims that there is no proof that vitamin B keeps them away, but I am here to tell you it works. I have a few friends who have tried this with the same results!
Try it!

8/21/2006 12:52:21 PM
K H said:

I have personal experience from sub-Saharan Africa and South America of vitimin B1 significantly reducing the number of mosquito bites that my friends and I received.

10/9/2006 12:23:24 PM
Mike said:

I also have had good results from taking B-1, against mosquito and chigger bites. Perhaps it really wasn't repelling them, just reducing my body's reaction to the bites. But, it DOES something good!

5/30/2007 4:44:30 AM
Margaret said:

I found that taking vitamin B1 (in a resort where nearly everyone sported large infected bites on their legs and arms) prevented me from getting any bites. Usually I react very badly to mosquito bites even though I always spray myself with repellent, so I'm sure it's the vitamins that are working!

5/31/2007 2:24:55 PM
Randy said:

I have been using 100-250 mg of Vit B-1 for over ten years during mosquito season. I have also recommended this to dozens of people and we have all had good results. If I do not use B-1 daily throughout the summer, I cannot go outside. I used to received over a dozen bites in the first few minutes in the garden in the evening and now I received one or two bites per season. I keep reading "there are not scientific studies to show that B-1 is an effective mosquito repellent." Who would profit from the research? There is not huge profit margin in something as simple as B-1. There is a huge profit in producing dozens of products containing DEET.

6/14/2007 4:03:54 PM
Momma said:

35 years ago I gave my boys Vitamin B1 when they went to camp. One in the morning and one at night. When I went to pick them up a week later, they were the only boys not covered in mosquito bites. They had one or two bites and the other boys all were covered in bites.

9/30/2007 10:41:26 AM
Lulibelle said:

whenever i go abroadd i always take B1 it definately reduces the amount of mosquito bites

9/30/2007 10:45:10 AM
Lulibelle said:

whenever i go abroadd i always take B1 it definately reduces the amount of mosquito bites

10/27/2007 2:47:27 AM
jo said:

Iv been adviced by a friend to get it for my hols, Im going to buy it and garlic capsules too!
My daughters only 10 would she be ok taking them?

11/21/2008 6:25:49 AM
James said:

The new B1 transdermal patches seem to work well as long as it has at least 75mg of B1 in them. Look up DEET and read about this chemical. It may work, but the horrible side affects and dangers far out weigh the benefits it provides. It is dangerous stuff!

7/29/2009 8:50:21 AM
Gale said:

I have had excellent results with B-12 1,000 m. taken daily. I did it for my memory, but it has kept the mosquitos away all summer in a summer that has been very wet and everyone else getting bitten. My memory is also better!

10/7/2009 10:28:11 AM
Fred said:

Amounts of B-1 in excess of the body's needs are secreted through the pores. In some people this acts as an extremely effective repellant, in others it has no effect at all. I believe it is a matter of different body chemistry. Try it - if it works for you great! If not, then spring for the DEET.

6/7/2011 10:20:57 PM
Steve said:

I have noticed something as well. It's effective in keeping the number of mosquitos interested in sucking on you. And if you do get bitten, about 3 drops of tea tree oil directly to the mosquito bite will do wonders on reducing inflamation and itch.

12/5/2011 2:20:00 PM said:

Considera ud que la Vit b6 tiene alguna accion preventiva en la picadura del mosquito

12/20/2011 2:12:07 PM
g.arthur said:

I lived in the Caribbean for years. Took b complex vits. Every body else got bit. When my friends tried it, it worked for them also.I find it interesting that the easy/cheap cure, is always denigrated.But the drug companies always have something for you. Complete with side effects.


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