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If I still see mosquitoes after getting a mosquito magnet, does that mean it isn't working?

Mosquito Magnets and Male Mosquitoes

If, after running a Mosquito Magnet, you still notice mosquitoes on your property don't be alarmed. It is highly likely that the remaining pests are male mosquitoes.

What some people do not realize is that male mosquitoes do not bite and therefore are not a threat. They are also not attracted to many traps as they do not seek a blood meal for breeding purposes like the female mosquitoes do.

What can change mosquito magnet effectiveness?

Changes in Mosquito Magnet Effectiveness

If your Mosquito Magnet has been in operation for several weeks and you have recently noticed that it is not catching as many mosquitoes as it used to, this is usually because you have already collapsed the breeding mosquito population around your home. In other words, your mosquito control efforts have been successful. Congratulations!

*Alternatively, a major increase in temperature can also cause a temporary reduction in mosquito populations in your area, as can a drop in temperatures below 50F or 10C.

What factors influence mosquito trap effectiveness?

Factors that Influence Mosquito Magnet Effectiveness

There are many different species of mosquitoes and each are active at different times of the day. Around the clock operation of your Mosquito Magnet will ensure that each and every species is targeted and trapped.

Long intervals between operations would also give breeding females the opportunity to lay more eggs. The Mosquito Magnet is designed specifically for safe and economical long-term, continuous operation.

Are there differences in performance among mosquito traps?

Differences in Mosquito Magnet Effectiveness

Not all mosquito traps are created equally, in fact, there is a huge variance in the performance of units on the market. Virtually all independent tests (including a test by Consumer Reports Magazine in 2003) conclude that the Mosquito Magnet is one of the best performing commercial units on the market.

How many mosquitoes can a mosquito magnet trap in a single night?

How Many Mosquitoes?

The quantity of mosquitoes caught by a Mosquito Magnet varies greatly, depending on both your region's infestation level and the placement of the device on your property.

In tests run in the Florida Everglades (where there are recorded high infestation levels) 1,500 mosquitoes were captured in one night—that's a lot of mosquitoes. In more urban areas, however, catch results will almost always be much less. A good yardstick is to ask yourself, "Are they biting me?". If you find yourself being bitten constantly, it's likely that infestation levels are high in your area.

How does temperature influence mosquito activity?

Temperature and Mosquito Activity

Temperature has a lot to do with mosquito activity and viability and should be considered when setting up and running devices such as the Mosquito Magnet Defender.

You should run devices continuously during warmer seasons to catch both day and night-biting mosquitoes. When the temperature is consistently below 50degrees F, however, they will not need to run as much.

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