Mosquito Control Frequently Asked Questions

How long have mosquitoes been around?

Why do female mosquitoes seek blood?

What are the life stages of a mosquito?

What do mosquitoes look like in non-adult stages?

How has West Nile virus affected the need for mosquito information?

Mosquitoes as disease vectors?

What do mosquitoes live?

How to female mosquitoes find their food?

How fast has West Nile virus spread?

What about equine West Nile virus?

What are some ways to control mosquito populations?

How can I keep mosquitoes out of the house?

Where do mosquitoes shelter when they rest?

How does nature control mosquitoes?

What insecticides are there for killing mosquito larvae?

Where can you find standing water where mosquitoes breed?

Can you use “germ warfare” to control mosquitoes?

Can you use acoustics to control mosquitoes?

What kind of approach is best to control mosquitoes?

How can tending shrubbery and lawns help control mosquitoes?

What safety issues are associated with bug zappers?

Do bug zappers target specific kinds of bugs?

Why do bug zappers catch so few mosquitoes?

Can bug zappers draw insects without killing them?

Why should I care about not killing non-pest insects?

What kinds of light best attract mosquitoes?

Can bug zappers create disease hazards?

How do skeeter vacs work?

How can skeeter vacs enhance their performance?

How long will a skeeter vac run?

Why have skeeter vacs gotten such positive reviews?

How fast can a skeeter vac collapse a local mosquito population?

How selective is a skeeter vac?

How can I maximize the performance of my skeeter vac?

How well do skeeter vacs work?

What is octenol and how does it work?

How should I place my skeeter vac?

What is oil of citronella?

Do ultrasonic mosquito repellers work?

Do citronella candles work?

How well do sprays and foggers keep mosquitoes down?

What is DEET and how effective a mosquito repellent is it?

How do I use mosquito repellent safely?

How should I apply mosquito repellent to children?

How good is a mosquito's sense of smell?

Are citronella flowers as effective at repelling mosquitoes as citronella oil?

What other natural mosquito repellents are there?

How are electronic mosquito killers different from bug zappers?

How does a mosquito killer work?

What supplies do I need to run a mosquito killer?

Where should I situate a mosquito killer?

Is an electronic mosquito killer a reasonable alternative to pesticides?

What should I consider when shopping for a mosquito killer?

How can placement of mosquito killer affect its effectiveness?

What advantages does an electronic mosquito killer have over a bug zapper?

What enhancements do electronic mosquito killer have to improve performance?

Can an electronic mosquito killer solve all your mosquito problems?

How is mosquito trap technology changing?

How do mosquito traps work?

How do CO2 mosquito traps work?

Do CO2 mosquito traps need maintenance?

What cues does a female mosquito use to find her blood meal?

What factors influence the performance of a mosquito trap?

Where can I find out more about mosquito control programs?

What unexpected problems can mosquito traps cause?

How effective is DEET as a mosquito repellent?

How does application influence the effectiveness of DEET?

Does garlic, vitamin b, or other natural foods make a person repellant to mosquitoes?

What is “mosquito barrier”, and does it work?

When are mosquitoes most active?

Does vitamin B work to prevent mosquito bites?

Does cedar act as a mosquito repellent?

How can sunscreen degrade the use of insect repellent?

Can clothing help prevent mosquito bites?

How should I use insect repellent with sunscreen?

How does a female mosquito bite?

How should I treat mosquito bites?

How can I relieve mosquito bite itch?

Can I use anti inflammatory for mosquito bite itch?

Are there natural mosquito bite remedies?

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Do mosquitoes bite other animals besides humans?

How doe mosquito bites effect their victims?

Why do mosquitoes seem more active in humid environments?

How sensitive are mosquito senses?

How do mosquito magnets work?

How effective are mosquito magnets?

What fuel can mosquito magnets use?

How does temperature influence mosquito activity?

How many mosquitoes can a mosquito magnet trap in a single night?

Are there differences in performance among mosquito traps?

What factors influence mosquito trap effectiveness?

What can change mosquito magnet effectiveness?

If I still see mosquitoes after getting a mosquito magnet, does that mean it isn't working?

Recent Mosquito Control Questions

Q. Hello, I am looking for something to control mosquitos when I go camping with my family. I do not want to use any deet, or other toxic measures. I was looking into acquiring a battery operated mosquito zapper (one that is designed to draw mosquitos in, not just a bug zapper), but can`t find any. Do you know who might have this? Or is there something else to try? We will be camping around lakes, creeks, etc. We have had problems in the past with excessive flies and knats also. Should I just stick to the old ways of putting citronella candles around? We do use a natural, non-toxic lotion, but I think we need something more.
I would appreciate your input.

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