Garlic Mosquito Barriers

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What other natural mosquito repellents are there?

Garlic Mosquito Barriers

Historically, garlic has been used to get rid of many pests, both real and fictional, ranging from slugs to vampires. In particular garlic has a reputation for protecting people from mosquito bites (some think that this could be the origin of the belief that vampires are scared of garlic).

There are a number of commercial garlic sprays on the market that can coat an area and produce a natural mosquito barrier. Garlic is allegedly more effective at repelling some species of mosquito than others (although its overall effectiveness is questionable to begin with).



6/20/2009 4:54:42 PM
korkie2611 said:

I know this works fine but when I smell garlic it remaind me of going in for an operation & just before they put under they always say "OK now you're going to smell or taste garlic so.... I don't like to use it just for that reason. Recently I received an email about Listerine. Just put some (any flavour)in a spray bottle and spray down the area where you are going to be playing or sitting. Our Mosquitos left. And it is good for a couple of days or till it rains. Try it if you're not keen on the garlic smell.

7/30/2009 10:51:42 PM
JI said:

I just read somewhere else about the garlic being a good source of repelling mosquito bites, so hopefully it works. However, if you ever have a spider or any ugly insect bite, if you eat a little clove of garlic with milk, it does the trick. It removes the swelling, itchiness and any infectious area the insect caused.


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