Maintenance of Mosquito Traps

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Do CO2 mosquito traps need maintenance?

Maintenance of Mosquito Traps

The new CO2 mosquito traps are not set-and-forget devices - each requires some level of maintenance such as:

• emptying capture nets
• replacing adhesive boards
• cleaning grids

In order to ensure continued effectiveness of this product (particularly in highly populated areas) you will need to upkeep your CO2 mosquito trap.



7/13/2009 9:11:39 PM
Mike Coventry said:

The Easiest CO2 Mosquito Trap to empty & Clean is the mosquito slayer trap from Bantix Worldwide as the female mosquitoes drown in the water in the lure tray - which can then be tipped out onto the garden - only natural products are used as lures. It still requires keeping the CO2 gas up to it, but their new models use less gas than the old ones and pulses the gas at the same time, so the flow of gas mimics blood carrying mammals (and humans)


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