Mosquito Repellents That Don't Work

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Does garlic, vitamin b, or other natural foods make a person repellant to mosquitoes?

Mosquito Repellents That Don't Work

There is no scientific evidence that eating garlic onions, or any other food will help a person repel mosquitoes. In fact, in order for the ingestion of these things to be effective, one would have to eat an enormous amount (a lot more than one might consider appetizing).

There is also no evidence that taking vitamin b tablets will prevent mosquito bites. The truth is that the attractant level of each individual to biting arthropods is based on a complex interaction of many chemical and visual signals.

* Do your research before you buy into alternative “natural repellants” or you could be wasting your time and money.



8/19/2007 10:25:31 AM
Dave Kershaw said:

I can't comment on mosquitos specifically, but midges (females obviously) ALWAYS bit me before I started taking a vitamin B supplement - 1 tablet per day).
I simply haven't been bitten at all after taking the supplement for two weeks.
This is a standard Boots one a day tablet.
Trust this helps as a comment.

7/4/2009 3:08:24 PM
Mary said:

My children had been victims of bites from fleas, sand fleas, chiggers and mosquitos when they were young and their pediatrician recommeded to us to use 50mg vitamin B6 daily. They quit getting bitten . That is all the proof I need.

9/28/2009 4:41:21 AM
racmoo said:

sponsored by deet and creators of chemical repellants. perhaps you should heed your own advice and
* Do your research
vitamin b1 has reduced my attractant to mozzies tenfold.


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