Relieving Mosquito Bite Itch

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How can I relieve mosquito bite itch?

Relieving Mosquito Bite Itch

Have you ever been in a situation where your child was suffering from an annoying insect bite and you didn't have a store-bought remedy readily available? Did you know that you could make a remedy yourself?

The simplest anti-itching compound is a simple paste that is easily made from ingredients commonly found in most households. The paste can be using only baking soda and water. To make, pour some baking soda into a small bowl and mix it with just enough water to make a sticky paste. Then, spread the mixture on the irritated bite(s) to induce instant relief. Calamine lotion works in a similar way (though the effect usually lasts longer).



7/25/2006 5:55:36 PM
Sara said:

I find that baking soda tooth paste works better and saves time. Try it over night

1/4/2008 12:33:13 AM
Lizz said:

This tip is great i used it on myself and my 2 year old who had about 50 bites and it worked great. Cheap, easy, non toxic and effective!


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