Inflamed Mosquito Bites

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Can I use anti inflammatory for mosquito bite itch?

Inflamed Mosquito Bites

What can you do about those pesky, itchy bites?! There are many remedies to help alleviate irritating mosquito bites. Anti inflammatory are useful mosquito bite remedies. Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) or naproxen (Alieve) can reduce redness, pain, itching, swelling and fever as well.

Topical steroid creams of various strengths can also be useful. Occasionally, reactions to mosquito bites can be severe enough to warrant systemic steroids. Some people are more prone to reactions from mosquito bites than others.

The most common treatment for mosquito bites is Calamine Lotion. This soothing lotion can provide relief from burning or itching during the few days it will take for a bite to heal.



7/9/2007 5:29:09 AM
Phyllis said:

I received 4 bites around my ankles over the 7/6/07 weekend. My ankles became inflamed, itchy,stinging,burning, and more so when I stood in the sun..I am 60 yrs old and never had this reaction before.But it could be having rhuematoid arthritis (auto-immune disease) could be the reason I had the reaction to the bite. And the odd thing is it was the spotted mosquito that bit me..And it's the first year we have seen those type of mosquito's here in Oklahoma City area...


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