Mosquitoes Prefer Birds

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Do mosquitoes bite other animals besides humans?

Mosquitoes Prefer Birds

Many people wonder why mosquitoes bite, and, more to the point, why do mosquitoes bite humans. The truth is, however, that humans are not the first choice for most mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes seem to prefer bird hosts over any other host. Mosquitoes bite people when they get the chance, but they are better able to track the scent of animals most abundant in their habitat. So, if you're in an area with lots of animals you're less likely to be singled out as a meal.



7/10/2006 9:27:29 PM
Steve said:

Recent research by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has shown that mosquitos change their prey preference from birds to humans over the course of the summer. Peter Marra was the researcher.


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